Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"donor" not "dad"

When the miscarriage happened we told our family and a couple of friends mainly because my sister in law knew and we didn't want anyone else to feel out of the loop. Everyone has been really great and asked sensible questions and we've answered everything and that's been the end of the questioning.

That is everyone except one of my best friends. I've known her since I was about 12 and up until now even when our opinions have differed we have always been great friends who respect each other completely.

I text her a couple of days after the miscarriage to tell her and she called me 10 days later to ask how we were doing. We got chatting and before you know it the conversation changed to discussion of the "dad". I told her repeatedly that there isn't a dad, only a donor but she refused to accept it saying that I can't deny biology no matter how hard I try and it went down hill from there.

For 30 minutes I was essentially told that the way we're trying to conceive is immoral and potentially damaging to any child born. I was made to feel as though we'd put no thought into the process and that we're being selfish. She even went as far as to say that in 15 years time our child might decide to go and live with their "dad". When I told her that was about as likely to happen as any child walking down the street and deciding to go and live with a complete stranger she just kept coming back to the "you can't deny biology" argument.

We aren't and have never said that we could deny biology. We know that our child will have questions for us and when the time is right we will have (age appropriate) answers and ultimately when the time is right our child will have the opportunity to meet our donor but until it happens there's no reason for us to be concerned. We did it this way so that we would have these options, if we'd gone to a sperm bank we wouldn't know half of the stuff we do about our donor and would therefore have next to no answers for our children.

Overall I just find it incredibly disrespectful to make assumptions and judgments on the way anyone chooses to make their family but to have that from one of your closest friends damn near breaks your heart.

Our donor is a donor and that is all, we spoke to him about this on Sunday and he made all of the same points I did on the phone. He has no desire to be a father to our child, he's doing this because he's seen first hand what it's like when someone wants a family more than anything but can't seem to achieve for one reason or another. I guess hearing such a close friend say these things has knocked me but at least of anyone else asks the same or similar things I'll be better prepared.

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