Saturday, 7 April 2012


I'm still in shock, genuinely can't believe it but I'll tell you the story!

My wife was due on Thursday so today she's 3 days late and she's never been late in the time we've been trying. So we got up and tested with a cheaply Internet bought test. It came back negative and we just didn't believe it.

I decided to go and get some clear blue digital tests from the local chemist only to find that it was closed. I then went into another shop to find that they didn't have any digital kits. I then went into boots and after checking that no one I recognised was around I got a pack of two and ran back to the car (£12.99!!! Robbery!!).

We had to waits couple of hours for my wife to need the toilet again but when she did we went up together and watched the egg timer flashing and flashing until it finally came up "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". I burst into tears and started shaking (I'm holding our 8 month old nephew, the shaking was causing issues!) and my wife went "pregnant, I'm pregnant!! I knew it!!"

Even though both of us were expecting a positive I can honestly say that I'm in a state of shock. This is just incredible and I can't believe it! According to an app I have our baby is due 12/12/12!

We spoke to our donor who's been amazing and congratulated us and thanked us for asking him. He's made the entire process so much easier, he's a top bloke and I'm really pleased we chose him.

Anyway, that's enough for today, I'll post again soon!

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