Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So, the last time i posted was a short while after we got our positive. I have so much to tell you!

We had a fabulous Easter weekend and nicknamed the baby 'Flounder' (as in the little mermaid) and spent some time trying to absorb the news.

I went back to work on Monday, my wife went back on Tuesday. At about 9:30 i got a text asking what my diary looked like for the day which worried me as I've never been asked that. I was working until 11am, once it got to that time i got a phone call from my wife saying that she was bleeding. At this point i panicked.

I went straight home and called a similar service to NHS Direct who wanted to speak to her so i put the phone down and they called her. She called me back a few minutes later saying that their advice was to either go to the doctors if it continues or if she's worried NHS Direct.

She was upset and i didn't know what to do because i had a work commitment that if i cancelled would cost someone else £62 and i couldn't do that to her which i know sounds really bad but at this point i didn't understand the extent of what was happening.

In the end we decided to get her to talk to her boss and sister (who by chance was working with her that week) and see what they suggested. My sister in law ended up calling her midwife as she's not long had a baby herself. The midwife told her to get her to A&E for some tests so off my wife and sister in law went.

I couldn't get there until about 1:30-2ish and by this point she'd had some bloods and urine taken to check the hormone levels and was waiting for the results. Once the results were back it was likely that she would go for a scan.

Just before 3 we were called into a room and told that both the blood and urine tests were negative for pregnancy and that she was free to go.

We were so upset and shocked, we didn't understand what had happened or how we could have a positive pregnancy test on the Saturday and then a negative on the Tuesday.

It's officially classed as a chemical pregnancy. Basically explained (in our case), the egg fertilised and implanted but the pregnancy ended there. It can also be called an early miscarriage.

As hard as the last week has been, we're both kind of relieved that it happened now and now X amount of weeks down the line. We are trying again as soon as my wife is ovulating and we're hopeful, if nothing else we know that she can conceive, we just need to make it stick this time.

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