Sunday, 3 June 2012

Teen Pregnancies...

What is it with teens these days??? Is contraception a completely foreign concept or what??

In the last month my mums friend has announced the birth of her first grandchild. Everyone was congratulating her and asking when her 20 year old son had managed it only to find out that he's a product of her 16 year old son and his girlfriend. They were both 15 when she fell pregnant!!!

As much as I know that some people make it work (I have friends that have proved that point exactly), the chances of that baby boy having a stable and strong family base is near impossible when his own parents haven't even figured out who they are yet.

Yesterday I saw my mum for the first time in months and she told me that her friends daughter has recently found out that she's pregnant, yet again, at 16! This time she is honestly one of the most immature girls I've ever met, i honestly dont think she will be ready for kids for at least another 10 years, i am honestly scared for the baby.

The only reason she even knew she was pregnant was because she was banging on weight. The doctor believes that she's less than 5 months but can't say for certain. She is engaged though, to a guy who's 19 and lives on benefits with no ambition to better himself. What sort of start is that for a child??

I think the thing that bugs me most is that these kids are making "oops" babies without a care in the world yet there are so many people out there (us included) who are doing everything they can to try and have their family but can't, I don't know if I've just reached the slightly bitter stage of trying to conceive or what. All I know is that even within my own circle there are babies being born into situations they don't deserve and that really upsets me.

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