Saturday, 23 June 2012

What if??

Before i elaborate, you need to know that we're officially on month 8 as my wife's period came bang on time. In addition, i just want to say that we're not losing hope.

What if it takes years before it works? What if it never works? What if it does work and we end up with 15 in there?? (FTR I know that's not possible) These are the sort of questions going through my head recently.

My brother and sister in law spent 4 years trying for our youngest nephew, I think it would see me mentally exhausted a long time before that but it's a very real possibility. They aren't the only couple that have had to go through it for that long.

What if it never happens? This question scares me, I've never imagined my life without kids and being an Aunty just isn't enough anymore. If we never manage to conceive kids of our own it would be devastating to us, I just mentioned it the other night and we both started to cry, the thought of not having children physically hurts.

We've been discussing having our own children since February 2004, we'd known each other about 14 weeks and had been together 12. It's always been a joint dream, we decided on a name for a boy in 2004 and that sill remains, we love it now more than ever. Our overall plan for a long time has been to have a child each and then adopt siblings, I guess the adoption bit would be our plan if we never managed to have our own.

What if it works and we end up with 15?? Ok so maybe not 15 but what about 4, 5 or even 6?? I honestly think I'd crap my pants when we found out. Talk about overwhelming! Don't get me wrong, we'd be ecstatically happy but terrified at the same time.

I'm hoping we're not the only ones, I guess trying to make a baby makes your mind work in different ways!

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