Friday, 8 June 2012

Pregnancy Superstitions etc...

We did another couple of inseminations over the jubilee weekend and all of a sudden our donor has gone a bit superstitious on us which is now making us a bit superstitious too.

We always reimburse our donors fuel money when he comes for a donation but this time he refused it because the one other time that his sperm did the trick since he's been donating he was meant to do 3 consecutive nights but only ended up doing 1 and therefore didn't get paid (he usually takes the money on the last night).

It got me thinking about things people say about getting pregnant or when you are pregnant, whether it be an old wives tale or from experience.

My Granny and Grandad swear there's a baby in every bottle of advocaat because the nights that Granny has had an entire bottle to herself, she woke up pregnant (desperately trying to push the thought of grandparent sex out of my mind now). I've been noticing a lot of pairs of magpies which is supposed to be good news.

Do you or does anyone you know have similar superstitions??

My wife's due on (of all days) on my birthday, I'm really hoping that her period is on a break for a few months now but only time will tell, 12 days until my birthday and 16 until we'll test. She's been having some different ovulation signs this time around though, for the first time ever she got pain during the egg release and we got the strongest OPK+ we've had in the 7 months we've been trying. Fingers firmly crossed!

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