Thursday, 5 September 2013


As you guys all know, we've been at this a while now and things have just not been going to plan.

Two weeks ago we decided to go back to see my wife's doctor to get referred for more tests etc. She had no problem doing it at all, we completely updated her on where things are with us not currently having a donor. We also told her that we're trying to get that situation sorted and we all had a laugh about it.

From her letter going out, it takes 3-4 weeks to get the appointment letter then around 3 months for the actual appointment. That puts us somewhere near Christmas which is about where we thought we'd be.

Since then, we've been talking to a couple of guys. One seemed to be really lovely, quite outgoing and generally what we're looking for. The other guy was incredibly shy and only 20 which initially made us nervous.

Outgoing guy was great to talk to on the phone and we all suggested that the following weekend would be a really good to meet up. He said that he wasn't 100% sure which day would be best for him but would text us to arrange with 48 hours. That time came and went. We emailed and text him over a few days and didn't hear back until a week later.

This worried us for all the same reasons that we've had issues before. We pretty much gave up with him after that.

Shy guy is actually awesome. We spoke to him and got the impression that he's got his head screwed on (a big bonus with him being so young) and is generally looking to help. We arranged to meet on Saturday last week after i had finished work. In the end, that didn't work out as he had something come up. This worried us yet again because it felt like he might be getting cold feet.

On Sunday he text asking if we were still up for getting together for a chat. Huge sigh of relief from the both of us. We got it all sorted and he came over to the city where we live and we went for a drink in Starbucks.

First impressions, he is beyond shy! My wife is a very shy sort of person but he eclipsed her. After a little while, he opened up a little more and he's lovely. He'd already gone to the clinic to get tested (without us having to ask) and was awaiting the results.

We're both really pleased with him, we left on good terms and discussed things on the way home. Both of us really like him, the only thing we were waiting for was his results.

They came though last night, he's all healthy! We decided that we're both really happy to go ahead and asked him if he is too, he said he is.

We're going to sort out the awkward stuff this weekend, you know, the "do you need any encouragement material?" the shoot and leave thing (more difficult because he doesn't drive).

Fingers crossed though, D4 is our lucky charm! We're hoping that his stuff is even more awesome than we've had before because of his age.

Time will tell!

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