Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Out of the blue

We're in a bit of shock at the minute.

On Monday evening D3 emailed us saying that he thinks we need more than one donation each time and thats not something he's able to do. He then goes on to say that he doesn't know of anyone that could help us then wishes us luck and best wishes.

We emailed him back asking if this meant that he didn't want to be our donor anymore or what because we're confused. On Tuesday morning we got a reply from him confirming that he didn't want to be our donor anymore.

We are completely shocked. He said that if he agrees to be our donor then he makes a lifelong commitment to donating to us and supporting us throughout. No where in that statement did he say, "so long as it happens in the first 3 attempts."

We really thought we'd found a really good guy who was in this with us until it worked. So shocked and feel completely let down by him and (even though this is about to sound completely melodramatic) life. There, i said it. Life is being a bit of a bitch when it comes to us trying to have a family.

So, it's now back to trawling through the websites trying to find the one guy who lives close enough who isn't a freak.



  1. Hi

    I have just read your blog and I totally understand how you feel. Well we are 8 months in ttc land with a donor we met online and I am totally over this whole process. Are you sure you are not eligible for NHS treatment, as the guidelines often say 'trying for over a year' and some even count lesbians as a fertility issue?

    We also got a whole host of blood tests from our GP and it picked up a couple of hormonal imbalances that could hinder our efforts so we r glad we got checked at 6 months out. We are going to swap to me if it doesnt work by 12 months and then save for IVF etc for my wife for a sibling. I am 27 and my wife is 30, so she is going first for same reasons

    Hope you guys are having some luck. We are 5dpo x

  2. Hiya,
    Thanks for the comment :)
    Our PCT is incredibly strict and whilst we qualify under most categories, BMI is an issue.
    We had the blood work done before we started and that was perfect, I do have a blog to write to update with the next step which I will try to do today.
    I hope you've had some good news!

  3. BFN for us. My wife has a brain scan next week as they think she may have a benign cyst or tumour on her hormone secreting gland which is making her prolactin etc Hhigh. Though not sure as she still has regular periods etc.

    Bmi is an issue for us too...too much cake. We r on a health kick at moment to get our bmi down n then gonna brooch subject with gp about nhs funding as they know we have been trying for a year. If not I am hoping my uterus is more understanding to our childless plight. X

    I dunno how people get pregnant down back allys etc! x

  4. Fingers crossed there's nothing too scary wrong. We've been eating healthier and going to the gym and stuff but they're ridiculously strict here, BMI of 27 or less to be considered!
    I know right, how the hell is it so easy for some people?! We have friends who have 4 boys, the longest they ever tried for any of them was 3 months....then they got twins!