Sunday, 27 January 2013

13....unlucky for some??

So at long last we've done the deed and inseminated my wife For the 13th time in 15 months. It's been a really bizarre series of events in the lead up to it though.

I had the week from hell, starting in cancelling work for the day due to the crappy weather, then I had a car accident (not serious) and then the guy that needed to pass his test in order for me to get paid for my weeks work failed. Couple that lot with my wife getting a phone call at 10pm telling her she may need to go into the office because there's been a major screw up, all in all, a seriously shitty week!

Well on top of that my wife's ovulation was running really late (she usually ovulates between day 13 & 16) but surprisingly I ovulated which is weird because last year, I only ovulated 4 times. With ovulation being so late D2 couldn't do ovulation day so we had to go a day early.

He came round and it was really awkward because we don't really know each other. We checked his certificate and along with his driving license. Turns out, he has a really funny surname!

Anyway, we got everything into place and now it's hoping for the best, fingers crossed that in a few weeks time we'll be happily expecting.

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