Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, New Start!

Last time i blogged, i mentioned that we were considering changing things up a bit and seeing how things go.

Well the new year has arrived and after talking to D1 (our first donor) we have decided that we're going to try someone else. He was lovely about it, so supportive and wants to keep in touch with us which suits us perfectly because over the last year or so we have developed a friendship with him. We're both upset about it because what we had with him was the perfect set up for us but we need to know if it's him or us and this is the simplest way to know.

We started looking on Co-Parentmatch.com and Prideangel.com last week and emailed a few people. We didn't really get any replies until we emailed a guy about 30 minutes away from us. He was happy to talk to us about things and suggested that we meet up.

We met this evening in a McDonalds and he seems lovely. We asked everything we needed to ask and he answered everything really well. He is quite shy which surprised us but that's not an issue, he's more than happy to donate for siblings in the future too. He has a few donor children, one couple had identical twin girls with him which is exciting as he and my wife have twins in the family....we've always fancied twins, lol!

One thing i have found really weird tonight though is that i feel guilty and almost like i was cheating on D1, it was weird that things with D2 were awkward at first too because we're so used to jumping into a conversation with D1 about anything and everything that it was just bizarre.

All in all we're excited and hoping that it works soon :)

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