Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pregnancy Sixth Sense

We're surrently on 11DPO (days past ovulation) and for some reason it's going really slowly this time around, i feel like it's been about 6 months since my wife had her last period and it's starting to do my head in a bit. Randomly , i have really sore nipples. Now if it was my wife with the sore nipples i think we'd both be getting really excited and be finding it difficult not knowing for certain whether it had worked or not this month with such an obvious symptom. I'm hoping it's part of my sixth sense and that we are pregnant.

Which quite nicely leads into an explaination of what my pregnancy sixth sense is. Basically i can sense when friends or family are pregnant, sometimes even before they know. I know that sounds really weird but i just know, i may not know exactly who is pregnant but i'll have an overwhelming feeling that someone is. Once they're about 10 weeks pregnant i can usually sense the sex of the baby/babies too.

I'm so good at it that i haven't been wrong in about 7 years! Current guesses are that the friends i've spoken about on here are having a boy (they find out in the next few weeks) and an ex work colleague is also having a boy (she was due at the end of February so i guess we'll find out any day now)

I'm currently getting some feeling about us, 1 of 2 things is correct (i think!) so i'm writing it in my blog to see if it comes true. Either we are pregnant this month but we'll test and it'll come up negative and then we'll wait for a few days and re test to get a positive. Or it's not this month but it's either March into April or April in May. I'm just getting "you're almost there" vibes. Don't ask me why but i am.

We shall see in the next few weeks if i'm right on the first theory and the sexes of friends babies.

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