Saturday, 31 March 2012

Not there yet

So last month didn't go to plan, still no baby! We are only a few days from my wife's period due date so we should find out again soon.

I'm getting bored of the trying now which is getting me frustrated. Not with my wife or the donor but with the process and ultimately myself. It's getting really tedious to the point where I'm not enjoying it, we want the final product so desperately but it's getting to be really annoying.

I'm still convinced that it'll be this month or next but it's not making it any easier and until we get a positive test it won't mean anything.

In other news, I got the sex of my ex work colleague's baby right! She had a baby boy on march 3rd. Our friends have had their detailed scan but they didn't find out the sex, they're keeping it a secret so I won't find out until the little one is born.

Anyway, this was a random one. I'll do another post when we know either way about this try, fingers are crossed, hopes are high! Come on baby, we're ready for you!!

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