Thursday, 23 February 2012


So month 3 didn't work either. We were so much more relaxed about it though and didn't even test, we just waited to see if my wife's period showed and it did.

A few days before it did we had a bit of a heart to heart and a cry about everything. We always knew what this would take but i guess neither of us ever thought that it would quite literally be fertility treatment but without the medical assistance. It can really get to you in a way that you're not expecting and you get to a point where you just want it to work so bad that not a lot else matters.

So this weekend just gone we inseminated again, this time 3 nights on the trot. We were only planning 2 nights but my wife's cycle had a mind of it's own and decided to throw a red herring in the mix which resulted in an extra night. Who knows though, by doing that we may have cracked it!

The donation and insemination process has gotten much easier, our donor comes round with his girlfriend and the awkwardness now seems to have gone, we're all getting to be quite comfortable with each other now which is a bit of a relief!

We'll chat about how we're getting on with the process and life in general for a little while then our donor with pop upstairs for a 'wafty crank' and we'll talk with his girlfriend. Once he's done they go ASAP and we get everything 'in place' as quickly as possible, we've actually got the whole process down to less than 10 minutes from production to insemination!

I'm on some conception and same sex family forums and after talking to other same sex couples i've realised just how lucky we are to have found a guy as open, honest and trustworthy (touch wood!! hang on, that sounds so wrong!!). This is a major thing you're asking of someone and ultimately that they're asking of you. There has to be a big element of trust between you all, if there isn't the trust there it's just not worth the risk.

Oh, 'watch me wank' guy text again. Mate, get the hint and piss off now, you're doing my head in!!

Hopefully i'll be back with good news in a couple of weeks, i'm going to try and do a couple of posts a months from now on whether big or small so watch this space!

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