Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hopes and Disappoinments

Given that we're now a couple of months on and i haven't been shouting about just how pregnant we are you can probably gather that we're not. After the first attempt we knew it would probably be a miracle if anything had happened that time around what with the spillage and the nerves.

The next time was really awkward because it fell over Christmas. Our donor was really great about it though and did his thing on Christmas Eve and the 27th. We were actually really hopeful, i got really excited about it because i was convinced it had worked but low and behold that ugly red cow showed up and it was back to the drawing board.

Since then our friends that have been going through the same thing have been successful, they're (well she) is 12 weeks pregnant today. I feel like i'm in that episode of 'Friends' where Rachel and Phoebe are talking about being happy and a little bit jealous of Chandler and Monica's engagement, they start talking about it and they 95% happy and 5% jealous then after a while it gets to almost 50/50. I honestly couldn't be happier for them but i want us to have one of our own!

This weekend just passed we decided we would do multiple donations on consecutive days. We ordered some 'PreSeed' too (sperm friendly lubricant) and used that to try and encourage the little buggers to wake up and swim towards the egg.

We're now waiting again, my wife has stopped taking her temperature in the mornings so that we're not looking for signs in that, i've sworn to leave forums well alone for the same reason and we're generally being way more relaxed about it all. We definitely got the timing good, we inseminated on Saturday and Sunday evening and my wife ovulated on Monday so hopefully by the time the sperm woke up and starting legging it towards the egg it would have been perfect time.

All in all we don't know anything and until a couple of weeks time we wont. I did give the sperm special instructions to 'swim away from the light' and 'find that bloody egg' during insemination though, hopefully they got the hint and i'll be back to report good news a couple of weeks.

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