Friday, 18 November 2011

All isn't quite what it seems...

Well, it would appear that we didn't make the best judgement.

The guy we were hoping to meet up with and then possibly have him donate sent me a text on Tuesday. We'd not heard from or contacted him in 2 weeks. The following is EXACTLY what was sent to us.....

"Hi when you come round would you watch me produce the sample as this helps me produce more and quickly also"

Excuse my language but....What the FUCK!??! We're lesbians.....real life lesbians....not the fake I'm a lesbian because men are useless kind!

I showed my wife the message and after sitting there just staring at each other in silence we burst into hysterical laughter for a good half an hour. We were in shock.

Straight away we knew that he was no longer ever going to be our donor and we're so thankful to him for asking us instead of us actually going to see him. Can you imagine, "here's a cup, we'll wait here,"... *whips willy out* awkward.

The moral of the story is question EVERYTHING. You have to be so sure about this decision, if there's even the most minimalistic doubt you must question it and if you're still not sure it's a big fat NO!

So it's back to the drawing board for us....

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