Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Establishing Contact

So, after the last post i jumped striaight back on the internet in an attempt to find a normal guy that was available to donate possibly in time for the wifes ovulation this weekend just gone.

First of all i should say that it hit me seriously seriously hard. I felt like a failure because i felt like it was my job to bring the sperm, i'm not making the baby this time round so surely i should bring the sperm? Anyway, it crushed me, i'd had a bad day up until that point and it basically pulled the rug from under me. I know that sounds melodramatic but it was horrible.

I emailed a couple of guys on one website then revisited some of the profiles we had previously liked on another. We came across the profile of a guy we had really liked a couple of months before but at that time he wasn't donating.

We emailed him and straight away got off to a fantastic start, he's funny and has the correct eye and hair colour, and seemed to be really easy to get on with. After emailing back and forth he sent us his phone number.

The next evening we called him and spoke for a good hour, laughing most of the time! It was so much better than talking to Pervy McPerv, we all got on really well. We arranged for him to come to ours for a drink a few days later to talk things over and to get to know each other a little better.

The meeting came round really really quickly, we decided to go out to a not so local pub (we're still not telling our families, we don't need the extra pressure just yet!) we talked and swapped stories for 5 hours in the end and we're very impressed with him and his reasons for donating and knew straight away that we wanted him to be our donor.

So all in all, we went from losing a donor to finding and even better one in the space of a few days! Good times!!

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