Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rejection and success

So, since i last blogged there's been some developments.

Firstly, the guy that looks like Mr Bean, yeah he's not taken 'no' very well. We emailed him and politely said thanks but no thanks but he's now come back to us asking if we're sure, if we've found someone, are we sure that we've found our happiness, if we're pregnant etc etc. We're not even sure if we should reply now, i don't know what else we can say.

On a good note though it looks as though we've found our donor. We changed to a new website and emailed a guy that we'd contacted before but we heard nothing back from (you needed to pay for that website though even if it was just to read emails). He emailed us back within 24 hours and we ended up having a phone chat.

So far so good, he's not too far from us, has similar features to me with the same eye and hair colour. We're going to meet face to face soon and if all goes well he's going to donate for us on the day!!

We're so so excited about it, we'd gone from being quite down beat about the process to all of a sudden having it all come together, nothing is set in stone yet but all the signs are good.

Fingers crossed now, we're hoping to meet and to possibly try in about 5-6 weeks time!

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