Sunday, 14 April 2013

Some donors are great, others are just dicks.

Here we are again, you reading and me having a bit of a moan.

D2 has turned into a complete dick, the first month was great but we didn't get pregnant. The second month was not great.

In the few days running up to ovulation day we made sure we text him to keep him in the loop about when we were expecting it to finally happen and he was fine, mentioned nothing about not being able to make the probable date and even offered to arrange to come to us on the probable day without waiting for the positive test. We declined saying that we wanted to make sure it definitely was that day before arranging anything for certain.

The day came and we were right so we text him and left work in preparation for him coming over to us (he had wanted to arrange for coming over straight away). Almost 2 hours went by and we had heard nothing from him at all so we sent him another text. He replied saying (and i quote), 'Not thinking, i made an appointment for this afternoon. And then out for a meal with a friend. If i'm back fairly early, i'll let you know. Otherwise can we do it tomorrow? x"

We were so pissed off so text him saying that wasn't an option, we'd had time off work etc etc. In the end he came round 7 hours later than he had originally tried to arrange to come round. Pissed off was an understatement.

So that month doesn't work so we text and say so and get the 'better luck next time' text in reply. About 10 days later we text to say it's likely to be in about 6 days, do you have any issues with that? He texts back a couple of days later saying he was on holiday at the moment but will be in touch when he's back but he's already donating to someone the evening before we wanted one. Holiday!? What holiday?! First we've heard of it!

After that my wife ovulated 4 days earlier that expected and he wasn't back from holiday but D1 had offered to step in if we were ever in need and did so. He's so cool, we miss him a lot.

We didn't get pregnant again. We decided to email D2 just to check that we're on the same page and that the 'misunderstandings' of the last couple of months were just that. He responds saying that he doesn't believe that there have been any misunderstandings then goes on to say that because we've been trying with him for a while we should consider a 'different method'. FUMING. How can he not see that he's not only screwed us around but has also had some serious clashing going on and hasn't bother to mention it, it's not like it can mess up our chances of getting pregnant or anything! Dick.

After that we've emailed saying we're going to try and find someone else.

So we're back to square one and emailing endless men asking for a pot of extra fertile, do it in one, spunk.

30+ emails sent, 4 replies. 1 from a guy who is doing what i can only call an attempt at a sexy pose. 1 from someone on a site we can't see properly because we haven't paid the £30+ subscription fee. 1 from D2 but we've no idea which site we accidentally emailed him through!! The last one has come from a guy that is reminding us of D1 a lot, it's going to be interesting to see how this one turns out...TBC

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